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Website & Server Hosting

Website Hosting We offer high quality, low cost   website hosting  services catering to individuals and businesses of all sizes. Be it a starter site for a professional/freelancer OR advanced managed hosting solutions for large enterprises/portals, we have a  web hosting service  in India to fit all needs. Server Hosting  Our  Cloud Servers  are ideal for businesses who wish to have near infinite scalability, Opex but not Capex, flexibility to upgrade and downgrade on the move and yet have Complete Control. You can choose the resources you want and build your own server within minutes.

Sunibm Private Limited

About :  Sunibm Private Limited. Author : Niraj kumar singh website : .in Sunibm is India's leading Domain Registration, Cloud Hosting and Network Services Provider. Sunibm focuses on providing services to small, medium and large businesses and its offerings include Domain Registration & Cloud Hosting Solutions, Enterprise Internet Services, VoIP Solutions, Enterprise Messaging & Hosting Solutions. An efficient and future-proof Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) is a key component of a viable health system as Healthcare business models are evolving rapidly. Today, there is need to control processes that healthcare sector as costs rise and there is a requirement to manage the information that health professionals need. Sunibm's approach is to have a pool of specialized helthcare-IT infra provide to its clients on a dedicated or as-needed basis. organization maintains the intellectual talent to meet the explicit business objectives